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Victoria & Mark Caluneo

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Caluneo Metal Studio began in 1989 after Mark Caluneo & Victoria Moran Caluneo received their B.F.A.'s in Metalsmithing from S.U.N.Y. New Paltz. All the work you see at our shows and online are original designs hand constructed by us in our studio located in Valatie, NY. Some of the themes you will see in our work include references to nature and textural elements. We use traditional techniques to create contemporary copperwork.  Our baskets series are all one-of-a-kind vessels made from steel, copper and brass. Enjoy your visit to the gallery, and if you have any questions please e-mail us at

We welcome your comments and appreciate your interest in our work.

Hope you see you at one of our up coming shows!  We will be participating in the Columbia Bershire Studio Tour July 23 & 24.  Call 518-784-2596 for information and directions.  Also, see our show schedule page.


Spectial Thanks to Rita VanAlstyne for the perview exhibition space above.  Visit VanAlstyne Jewelers at 42 Main Street in Chatham.

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A bicycle; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Patchwork Vessel 
Copper shim, enamel.  21"l x 15"h x 10"w
Lock seaming construction. Torch fired enamel
Collection of Eric Dobkin

Victoria & Mark's metalwork combines impeccable craftsmanship, keen attention to details, and original contemporary designs. Their pieces will complement and enhance any living environment.

Vessel. Timeline Series: French Knot No. 1
Copper electrical wire. Cold connection "twist tie" technique. 10" h x 6" diameter