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Victoria & Mark Caluneo
Artistic Statement

Victoria & Mark Caluneo

 There are many themes and sources of inspiration that we draw from when creating a vessel.  Typically, texture plays a major roll in the development of a piece.  We may begin with sketches in wire to find the initial structure we intend to use.  Next, we begin to manipulate the surface of sheet metal and wire with hammers to soften it.  It is rare that a raw piece of metal will find its way into our designs.   Hammering helps to transform the metal and guide it to our reference point.  Our desire may be to imitate fabric, leather, paper or bark.  As we construct the material by coiling, twisting or wrapping we utilize this time to consider various aspects of the piece such as form and content.  We incorporate aspects of our personal history into the content of a piece.  It is here that the details of a piece become clearer and are fine-tuned. In working with the vessel and basket forms, we reference themes of protection, containment, and entrapment, along with emotional aspects of nurturing, seduction, beauty, fear and strength.  The structure of the vessel may involve segments joined together, layering of material, or intertwined wires referencing architecture and building materials.   In addition, many of our pieces reflect a moment in time, a visual aspect of our experience, a memory, or an event that evokes these emotions.





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Victoria & Mark Caluneo
Caluneo Metal Studio


Steel & Paper Vessel
Diamond lath, pulp, rust patina, paint

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