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Victoria & Mark Caluneo met while studing Metalsmithing at SUNY New Paltz. They had both been accepted into the Metals program to study under the direction of Robert Ebendorf and Jamie Bennett. During the next 4 years they mastered the technical skills of soldering, chasing, repouse, raising, enameling, and casting.

Mark's interest was focused from the start on the traditional techniques of the tinsmith. Their tools facinated him: buring and beading machines, anvils, snips and sheers. He was even in awe of their utilitarian forms and straight forward construction. He began an investigation into the cold-connection techniques where the metal seam was folded over on itself creating a tight lock between the sheets. Many years later Mark was commissioned to create the front door to a residence utilizing this technique. Mark received his B.F.A. in Metalsmithing with a concentration in cold connection processes and patination.

Victoria knew she wanted to work with metal since she took her first Jewelry class in the nineth grade at Friends Academy. At SUNY she discovered a preference for working in a larger scale while exploring hollow forming. The ability to create a vessel via raising techniques was mesmerizing. Repetitive hammering and annealing, and the ability to create form and texture were equally as captivating. She often drew from nature as her subject matter, gaining inspiration from seed pods, horse chestnuts, and sea fauna. She drew from textile techniques such as crocheting, weaving and knitting, during the creative process. Victoria received her B.F.A. in Metalsmithing with a concentration in Hollowware and Electroforming.

Victoria & Mark Caluneo