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Baskets II
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Baskets II - New Work 2003

Victoria & Mark Caluneo



Arizona III
Size:  10"l x 5"w x 7"h


Host      (Picture to the left)
Materials:  Copper wire and sheet, patina and paint.
Size:  7" diameter x 11"h
Technique:  Stranded wire is coiled around 18 gauge wire to create the textured material for this vessel.  Circles are cut, dapped, and punctured to create the "buttons" that are stitched on the surface. 


Internal Stress
Materials:  Copper wire, patina and paint
Size: 6 1/2" diameter x 4"h
Technique:  Stranded wire is coiled and tied to form the vessel.  The ties are left exposed on the interior.  Vertical lines create an orderly pattern on the interior of the vessel.  Te ties are painted and crushed to create the interior texture.


Brass Basket
Materials:  Brass sheet, copper wire, patina
Size: 4" diameter x 4" high
Private collection


Branch Basket
Materials: Copper wire, patina
Size:  11" diameter x 7" high
Technique:  Wires are forged and braised.  Some baskets include hand cut leaves with chased veins.

Arizona     (Picture to the Left)
Materials:  Steel, copper and brass
Size:  31"l x 7" w x 7"h
Technique:  Steel diamond lath is crushed by handworking pliers inbetween the gridwork of the material.  By twisting the pliers, the steel can be broken and shaped.  After the basket is formed it is allowed to rust.   The deep orange and red colors are sealed and the brass and copper is woven throughout the open spaces.

Detail: Host



Materials:  Copper wire and patina
Size:  11" diameter x 6" high
Technique:  Wrapped elecrtical wire with French knot details